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BMI 205: Precision Practice with Big Data

  • Location: Li Ka Shing Center, Room 101 Seminar Room, Stanford University.
  • Time: Wednesdays 12:30-1:20pm, lunch will be provided and served at 12:00pm.
  • VIDEOS: Recordings will be posted after each lecture.

Schedule, Fall 2017

Date Presenter Department Title & Abstract Reading Slides & Questions
27 September Julia Salzman Stanford Biomedical Data Science Statistical algorithms towards precision genomics Freeman et al 2017 Hsieh et al 2017 Zhang et al 2017 Class Intro Slides Salzman-Slides Salzman-Questions
4 October Daniel Rubin Stanford Radiology Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Imaging Rapid-Learning System for Cancer Care Best Care at Lower Cost Rubin-Slides Rubin-Questions
11 October Mary Goldstein Chief, Medical Service VA Palo Alto Health Care System Patient-Specific Clinical Decision Support for Physicians, and other Health Care Team Members, using Electronic Health Record Data Automating Performance Measures and Clinical Practice Guidelines: Differences and Complementarities Automating Guidelines for Clinical Decision Support: Knowledge Engineering and Implementation Goldstein-Slides Goldstein-Questions
18 October Jennifer Frankovich Stanford Pediatrics Rheumatology Using informatics to improve clinical care and make novel discoveries Frankovich-Slides Frankovich-Questions
25 October Robert Shafer Stanford Infectious Diseases Development of a point-of-care nucleic acids test assay for HIV-1 drug resistance mutations Point Of Care Proposal Bibliography Shafer-Questions
1 November Curtis Langlotz Stanford Radiology & Biomedical Informatics “Medical ImageNet” and other strategies to develop machine learning methods for clinical image analysis ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (Russakovsky et al.); Information extraction from multi-institutional radiology reports (Hassanpour et al.); Optional: What I Learned from Competing Against a ConvNet on ImageNet (Karpathy) Langlotz-Questions
8 November Trevor Hastie Stanford Statistics and Biomedical Data Science Principal Components for Sparse and Irregularly Sampled Functional Data Principal component models for sparse functional data (2001) Hastie-Slides Hastie-Questions
15 November Tomer Altman Whole Biome Personalized Medicine and Human Microbiome Personalized Nutrition and Eggerthella lenta pharmacokinetics (2 papers) (Watch video abstract from Zeevi et al paper on Cell website) Altman-Slides Altman-Questions
22 November No Class. Happy Thanksgiving!
29 November Rob Tibshirani Stanford Biomedical Data Science, Statistics Cancer detection via the lasso and customized training Eberlin et al 2014 Tibshirani-Slides Tibshirani-Questions
6 December Manuel Rivas Stanford Biomedical Data Science Combining the power of Genetic and Population Health Data in the Precision Medicine era DeBoever et al 2017 Rivas-Questions


  • Welcome to BIOMEDIN 205!
  • Lunch will be served before each lecture.
  • Fill out course evaluation on Axess
  • Turn in make-up questions for missed lectures


Mailing List

Non-enrolled students who would like to receive announcements: please email Margaret Antonio ( your request with BMI 205 included in the subject line.


The only requirement is weekly attendance. If you are unable to attend, you will need to view the videotaped seminar (see top of the page) and complete a short written assignment / answer questions based on the content of the seminar. These make-up questions will be posted shortly after lecture and are due prior to the next scheduled talk. Submit by emailing to Margaret Antonio ( with BMI 205 at the beginning of the subject line.

Past Quarters

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