BMI 205: Biomedical Informatics for Medicine

  • Location: Alway M112
  • Time: Wednesdays 12:00-1:00, lunch will be provided

Schedule, Spring 2010

Date Presenter Department Topic Links to References
3/31/10Michael G. WalkerBiomedical Informatics, Walker Bioscience How statistical design of experiments can speed up biomedical research DOE Presentation
4/7/10Carol Cain Kaiser Permanente Health IT and quality improvement at Kaiser Permanente
4/14/10Serafim Batzoglou Computer Science When will everybody be sequenced? Individual Genomes on the Horizon Exome sequencing makes medical genomics a reality
4/21/10Bob ShaferMedicine - Infectious Diseases & Pathology A Public HIV Drug Resistance Database: Informing basic science, clinical, and epidemiologic investigations Genotypic predictors of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 drug resistance Drug Resistance Mutations for Surveillance of Transmitted HIV-1 Drug-Resistance Predictive Value of HIV-1 Genotypic Resistance Test Interpretation Algorithms The Fight of His Life
4/28/10Joel Dudley Biomedical Informatics The How and Why of Being a Bioinformatics Ninja in the Age of Personal Genomics A quick guide for developing effective bioinformatics programming skills
5/5/10 Gill Bejerano Developmental Biology & Computer Science a novel approach for the interpretation of ChIP-Seq peaks and similar datasets GREAT improves functional interpretation of cis-regulatory regions
5/12/10Hanlee Ji Medicine - Oncology Designing and interrogating subsets of a human oligoexome
5/19/10David Paik Biomedical Informatics, Medicine - Radiology Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers
5/26/10 Chris Longhurst Medicine - General Pediatrics, Medical Director of Clinical Informatics at LPCH Impact of CPOE implementations on inpatient mortality Unexpected Mortality Increase After CPOE Implementationv (Han, 12-2005) No Mortality Increase With CPOE Implementation (Del Beccaro, 7-2006) Decrease in Mortality after CPOE (Longhurst, 5-2010)
6/02/10Daniel Rubin Biomedical Informatics, Medicine - Radiology Imaging Informatics for Decision Support and to Assess Treatment Response to Cancer Yankeelov et al, 2009 Rubin et al, Ch. 27 rubin-ieeeintelsys-2009.pdf


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The only requirement for this seminar is weekly attendance. If you are unable to attend, the seminars are videotaped, and you will have to complete a short written assignment and answer questions based on the content of the seminar. These make-up questions will be emailed to absent students shortly after lecture and are due before the next class.


Recordings of class lectures can be found here.

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