BMI 205: Biomedical Informatics for Medicine

  • Location: Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge, Room LK208
  • Time: Wednesdays 12:15-1:05, lunch will be provided and served at 12:00.
  • Recordings of class lectures can be found here.

Schedule, Fall 2011

Date Presenter Department Topic Reading
9/28/11Amar DasBiomedical Informatics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Improving Patient Care through a Rapid Learning Health System Abernethy et al, Med Care 2010
Saria et al, Sci Transl Med 2010
10/5/11, note special lecture time: 11a-12pRuss AltmanBiomedical Informatics, Bioengineering, Genetics Informatics methods for predicting genes involved in drug response tatonetti_clin_pharmacol_ther_2011.pdf
Ashley et al, Lancet 2010
10/12/11Mark Musen Biomedical Informatics The making of ICD11 tudorache_musen_icd11.pdf
Walked Into a Lamppost?
10/19/11Daniel Rubin Biomedical Informatics, Medicine - Radiology Imaging Informatics for Decision Support and to Assess Treatment Response to Cancer Yankeelov et al, Clin Cancer Res 2009
10/26/11David Paik Biomedical Informatics, Medicine - Radiology Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers
11/2/11Euan Ashley Cardiovascular Medicine Genetic medicine in a highly parallel world Ashley et al, Lancet 2010
11/9/11Mary Goldstein Medicine, Health Research & Policy, VA Palo Alto Health Care Real-Time Knowledge-Based Clinical Decision Support Goldstein et al, JAMIA 2004,
Goldstein Hypertension Reports 2008
11/16/11Henry Lowe Biomedical Informatics, Director CTSA Translational Informatics STRIDE-The Stanford Translational Research Integrated Database Environment stride_overview_amia_2009.pdf
11/23/11No Class: Thanksgiving Recess
11/30/11Nigam Shah Biomedical Informatics Data Driven Medicine: Making Sense of Unstructured Data in Medicine Extracting Adverse Drug Events from EMR Data


Mailing List

Non-enrolled students who would like to receive announcements: please email me (palma @ your request with BMI 205 included in the subject line.


The only requirement is weekly attendance. If you are unable to attend, you will need to view the videotaped seminar and complete a short written assignment / answer questions based on the content of the seminar. These make-up questions will be emailed to enrolled students shortly after lecture, and are due prior to the next scheduled talk. Submit by emailing to palma @ with “BMI 205” somewhere in the subject.


Recordings of class lectures can be found here.

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