BMI 205: Biomedical Informatics for Medicine

  • Location: Li Ka Shing Center for Learning and Knowledge, Room LK308
  • Time: [All lectures other than 9/29/10]: Wednesdays 12:15-1:05, lunch will be provided and served at 12:00.
  • Special lecture time for Wednesday 9/29/10: 11:00AM-12:15PM, LK308, lunch will be provided
  • Recordings of class lectures can be found here.

Schedule, Fall 2010

Date Presenter Department Topic Reading
9/29/10, Note special lecture time: 11-12Russ AltmanBiomedical Informatics, Bioengineering, Genetics Informatics methods for predicting genes involved in drug response Hansen et al, Clin Pharm Therapeut 2009Ashley et al, Lancet 2010
10/6/10Daniel Rubin Biomedical Informatics, Medicine - Radiology Imaging Informatics for Decision Support and to Assess Treatment Response to Cancer Yankeelov et al, 2009
10/13/09Amar DasBiomedical Informatics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Computational Phenomics, Knowledge Engineering and the Future of Psychiatry Freimer Sabatti Nature Genetics 2003
10/20/10Atul ButteBiomedical Informatics, Pediatrics Exploring Genomic Medicine Through Translational Bioinformatics Translational bioinformatics: coming of age Translational bioinformatics applications in genome medicine
10/27/10Henry Lowe Biomedical Informatics, Director CTSA Translational Informatics The Electronic Health Record - Success or Failure? An Evidence-Based Overview lowe-bmi205-readings.pdf
11/3/10Mark Musen Biomedical Informatics The making of ICD11 tudorache_musen_icd11.pdf
11/10/10Mary Goldstein Medicine, Health Research & Policy, VA Palo Alto Health Care Real-Time Knowledge-Based Clinical Decision Support Goldstein et al, JAMIA 2004, Goldstein Hypertension Reports 2008
11/17/10Rong ChenBiomedical InformaticsDisease risk assessment of personal genome sequence Ashley et al, Lancet 2010
11/24/10Thanksgiving - no class
12/1/10Euan Ashley Cardiovascular Medicine Genetic medicine in a highly parallel world Ashley et al, Lancet 2010


Mailing List

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The only requirement for this seminar is weekly attendance. If you are unable to attend, the seminars are videotaped, and you will have to complete a short written assignment and answer questions based on the content of the seminar. These make-up questions will be emailed to absent students shortly after lecture and are due before the next class.


Recordings of class lectures can be found here.

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