Schedule, Fall 2009

Date Presenter Department Topic Reading
9/30/09Russ AltmanBiomedical Informatics, Bioengineering, Genetics Informatics methods for predicting genes involved in drug response Hansen et al, Nature 2009
10/7/09Euan Ashley Cardiovascular Medicine Systems biology of cardiovascular disease King et al, Physiol Genomics 2005
10/14/09Mary Goldstein Medicine, Health Research & Policy, VA Palo Alto Health Care Real-Time Knowledge-Based Clinical Decision Support Goldstein et al, JAMIA 2004, Goldstein Hypertension Reports 2008
10/21/09Amar DasBiomedical Informatics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Computational Phenomics, Knowledge Engineering and the Future of Psychiatry Freimer Sabatti Nature Genetics 2003
10/28/09Atul ButteBiomedical Informatics, Pediatrics Exploring Genomic Medicine Through Translational Bioinformatics Butte JAMIA 2008, Butte Genome Medicine 2009
11/4/09Mark Musen Biomedical Informatics The making of ICD11 Rubin et al Briefings Bioinformatics 2007
11/11/09Daphne Koller Computer Science Computational Methods for Understanding Gene Regulation Lee et al, PLoS Genetics 2009
11/18/09Rong ChenBiomedical Informatics Transplant Rejection Biomarkers
11/25/09Thanksgiving - no class
12/2/09Henry Lowe Biomedical Informatics, Director CTSA Translational Informatics Game Changers - Information Technology trends impacting Biomedical Informatics


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