Schedule, Fall 2008

Date Presenter Department Topic Links to References
9/24/08Russ Altman Biomedical Informatics, Bioengineering, Genetics Prediction of Novel Pharmacogenes Roden, et al. 2006 review in Annals of Internal Medicine, Altman, Nature Genetics PharmGKB overview, Hodge, et al. 2007 another PharmGKB overview
10/1/08Mark Musen Biomedical Informatics Clinical Terminology and Ontology Bodenreider & Stevens, 2006
10/8/08Amar Das Biomedical Informatics, Psychiatry Bad System Design and How You Can Help Patel VL, et al. 2000
10/15/08Garry Nolan Microbiology & Immunology Learning Signaling Pathways from Flow Cytometry Kotecha, et al. Cancer Cell, 2008, Sachs, et al. Science 2005
10/22/08Minnie SarwalPediatric Nephrology Translating High Througput Omics to the Transplant Clinics
10/29/08Atul Butte Biomedical Informatics Translational Bioinformatics "Translational Bioinformatics: Coming of Age", JAMIA 08, "The Ultimate Model Organism", Science 2008
11/5/08Mary Goldstein Medicine, Director of the Geriatrics Research Education and Clinical Center Knowledge-Based Automated Systems for Medical Care and Quality Improvement Goldstein et al 2004, Translating Research into Practice: Organizational Issues in Implementing Automated Decision Support for Hypertension in Three Medical Centers, Goldstein 2008, Using health information technology to improve hypertension management ,
11/12/08Daphne Koller Computer Science Genetic variation and regulatory networks Eugene Charniak's Bayesian Networks Without Tears (Suggested by Alex Morgan), Lee et al., Segal et al.
11/19/08Euan Ashley Cardiology Networks, translational medicine, and why Kevin Bacon may be your 5th cousin. King et al, "Pathway analysis of coronary atherosclerosis"
12/3/08Henry Lowe Biomedical Informatics, Senior Associate Dean for Information Resources & Technology The Clinical Data Warehouse as a source of phenotypic data for biomedical research Lyman JA, Scully K, Harrison JH. The development of health care data warehouses to support data mining. Clin Lab Med 2008, Mar;28(1):55-71, vi.


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